5 Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness When Traveling on a Train

Like cars, boats and planes, riding on a train can cause motion sickness too. Commuter trains tend to rock and stop frequently. Double-decker trains can be great for viewing scenery, but also tend to sway. Higher-end bullet trains can ride quite a bit more smoothly but then no train is considered completely free of motion sickness triggers.

Here are some tips for avoiding motion sickness on a train:

Be strategic about where you sit.

Cars in the front of the train are usually more steady feeling than the cars near the end. The optimal seat to prevent motion sickness is a seat in the middle of one of the first train cars. Be sure to choose a forward-facing seat, and if you’re riding a double-decker train, stay on the bottom level. You may want to also consider traveling in the designated “Quiet Car” if your train has one (and it’s near the front). The quiet may help keep you calm and relaxed.

Look across the window instead of out.

One of the great things about train travel is being able to see scenery all the way through. However, at high speeds, the scenery becomes a blur that can mess with your senses. When looking out the window, look forward along the side of the train toward the horizon. That will help bring the movement you see closer to what you feel.

Find fresh air.

If you’re riding a commuter train, you might want to sit near the door so that you can feel the fresh air come in each time the train stops to let passengers on and off. If you’re on a train on which you’re allowed to open a window, do so at least periodically to keep fresh air coming in.

Stay in your seat.

Standing in or walking through a train car can make motion sickness worse. Stay in your seat as much as possible and if you need to move—to avoid someone’s perfume smell or use the restroom—try to move when the train is stopped, going at a slow rate or traveling across straight, flat land.

Bring Dramamine onboard.

If you’re traveling alone or with your family, Dramamine® motion sickness products have you covered to prevent and treat your symptoms (nausea, dizziness, vomiting). Try our All Day Less Drowsy Formula for long train rides or our Non-Drowsy Naturals for shorter commutes. If you’re traveling with kids, don’t forget to pack Dramamine® for Kids, formulated specifically to treat motion sickness in kids 2-12.

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