How to Enjoy Roller Coasters without Getting Sick

As we age, our physical tolerance for the most thrilling roller coasters and amusement park rides tends to drop. Unfortunately, this often happens right when our kids are old enough and tall enough to enjoy these rides. Don’t worry though - you may still be able to ride by strategizing and preparing wisely.

Here are some tips to enjoy roller coasters without the nausea:

1. Take Dramamine® Non-Drowsy.

If you know certain rides at the park will leave you feeling nauseous, start taking Dramamine® Non Drowsy as directed 30 minutes to an hour before you arrive at the park. Try our Dramamine® Non-Drowsy to help you limit your nausea and enjoy the day.

2. Choose your seat wisely.

When getting on a roller coaster or other fast or wild ride, choose a seat in the most stable part of the ride. For roller coasters, this is usually in the middle, as the front and back cars are subject to the most force on forward and reverse trips, whipping you around each bend.

3. Focus your eyes on a fixed point.

Some rides are so fast that focusing on the horizon can be difficult or impossible. If this is the case, try focusing on the car in front of you or, if it’s a spinning ride, focus on a part of the machine structure that doesn’t move.

4. Keep a straight posture.

As much as possible, sit with proper form on the roller coaster, keeping your head and neck straight and against the head rest, or as park personnel directs, to avoid injury and help reduce nausea and dizziness. Remember to breathe throughout the ride to keep your body from tensing up. If you feel like you might vomit, breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose until the feeling passes.

5. Choose “safe” foods before and after your park visit.

If there’s a chance you might feel sick from the roller coasters and other rides, eat a bland breakfast (or other meal) before you go. You want something in your stomach to keep it settled, so choose bland foods like plain cereal, toast and crackers or scrambled eggs with nothing else in or on them. Suck on ginger candies before or after the ride and choose drinks that are low in sugar and will help settle your stomach. Stay away from spicy foods or food you have never had before, and be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Hot temperatures and dehydration can make that queasy feeling worse.

When to Avoid Amusement Park Rides

Sometimes, you may just have to give in and avoid certain rides. If you’re already feeling ill, especially if you have a headache, sinus congestion or an ear infection, sit out the rides and find another way to enjoy the day. If medication you’re on makes you feel dizzy or leaves you more prone to motion sickness—like blood pressure medicine or hormone replacement—check with your doctor first. It’s likely you’ll be better off staying away from the most turbulent rides.

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